Hurricane Matthew

14591642_309027582788611_533880276984051990_nOctober 4, 2016 Hurricane Matthew pounded the southwestern part of Haiti with winds reaching an excess of 140 mph and flooding the mountains and valleys with torrential rains resulting in significant destruction of trees, crops, and buildings. In the mountains south of Petit Goave, Haiti where we are based two missionary families waited out this storm watching the destruction with amazement. We thank the Lord that they were safe through the storm and that their houses did not suffer significant damage although many of the trees have been broken or blown over. 14519932_308551976169505_678202764198793690_n

14492445_308554086169294_6285062557068823353_nMany of the neighbors houses have been significantly damaged and there are pressing needs for immediate housing as well as the repairs to the damaged buildings.14494819_309027532788616_7828461805732600483_n14517404_308553382836031_2268388168486728748_n

In addition to the damage to houses 14470612_308553142836055_8094024640025608109_nand buildings there has been significant loss of crops. We are grateful that the bean crop was harvested in the last two weeks, however, other food crops like millet and Congo beans had not yet been harvested and now have been completely ruined. Due to the destruction of trees the local farmers will not have their usual cash crop of citrus and other fruits to sell this year. As a result of this loss of crops we anticipate that food will be in short supply this winter.

14519810_309027542788615_8884401966450334352_nAnother challenge facing this community is the destruction of roads making it impossible to bring in any supplies at this time. These mountain roads are always difficult to navigate but now washouts and mudslides have made them impassable in many places. It is also reported that bridges have washed out on major roads limiting the ability to bring aid or supplies into many of the areas that are the hardest hit by this hurricane.14516552_308552262836143_4914163277783116326_n


Please pray for us and for this community as we try to understand how to help in this time of loss and need. Our heart is to generously show the love of Christ to this community and help them with their physical needs. We pray that this would open doors to also minister spiritually both now and in the future.

We welcome you to join us in ministering to the people in this community. At this time we do not have the ability to get any supplies directly to the areas of need in Haiti however you may donate money to help. We are committed to sharing whatever resources we have to help with meeting the needs of food, shelter, and restoring transportation. We are also committed to sharing the Gospel with those who will listen. Will you join us in praying for the people of Haiti?

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