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What We Do

Compassionate Healthcare, spiritual ministry and training for service

Our Vision

“Jesus was going through all the cities and villages, teaching.., proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every kind of disease or sickness.” – Matthew 9:35

At Aid for Haiti our efforts focus on the model of Matthew 9:35: teaching, healing and proclaiming. We believe the greatest needs in Haiti are in the most remote regions where severe physical suffering and spiritual darkness continue to consume lives. There, we teach by providing leadership training to remote church leaders and education to local medical personnel, equipping them to serve the needs of their own communities. Together with these leaders, we heal by identifying, and when appropriate, providing for the health needs of these communities through emergency relief, research, medical services not locally available, and community health development. Throughout all we do we proclaim the gospel, where is found the ultimate healing, the cross of Christ.

Pastor Training

Providing ongoing training in discipleship, leadership other spiritual issues to pastors and church leaders of remote regions who have never had the opportunity to learn.
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Community Health

Chronic medical problems in a community require long term solutions, designed by the members of the community. We call that Community Health Development.
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Iodine Program

In Haiti, one pill can be the difference between a life with crippling mental retardation and one of opportunity.
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Get to know our team

We seek out the unreached in Haiti. We do all things in an effort to demonstrate the love of Christ to the people of Haiti. Get to know us better.

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