Often in the remote areas of Haiti, access to medical care is nonexistent. If that is the case, we step in and provide care.

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She just lays the 4 year old in in your lap. With that, the mother just says “He’s vomiting and having diarrhea for 3 days, he’s not moving today”. You see his sunken eyes and dry skin. You realize he is near death from dehydration and shock. You work as fast as you can to provide the best care possible, although realizing it is far from the advantages of modern care. You gather some of the team around you and pray with the parents for the life of the child.

In Haiti’s mountainous interior these scenes happen daily. Although Haiti is a relatively small country, due to the landscape, many will be born in remote regions and die without ever seeing a hospital. Aid for Haiti Remote Medical Ministry exists to reach out into the most untouched and needy areas in Haiti. Through contacts in the local church we have developed a network of unreached areas, without any other care available, we minister to regularly. We strive to bring high quality medical care into areas most other organizations refuse to go, in an effort to express love to those who would never see care in their lifetime.

On your last day of clinic you are surprised when the boys mother returns. “I believe the God you prayed to has healed my son” she says, “I want to know more about this Jesus”. A dialogue is opened between you, the local pastor and the patients family that leads to true healing through the cross of Christ.

Would you, your group or church like to help us in reaching Haiti? Please pray about how God could use you to help affect these needy, remote people throughout Haiti. There are opportunities to sponsor remote medical clinics, and to volunteer and help us by working in clinics.