October Potino Trip

A wonderful medical team came down from Chattanooga, TN and spent five days in Potino. We were privileged to have a RN friend of Virginia’s, Lorene Miller from OH join the team as well. We were blessed with three family practice doctors, Dr. Paul Dassow, Dr. Mike Shepherd, and Dr. Eric Lisic. Also, two OB GYN’s – Dr. Jeanie Dassow and resident Dr. Zineb Mashak who were able to set up a women’s healthcare clinic next door, providing exams, counseling, and help for ladies who have never really had it before. Dr. Lisic’s wife came too, and was a marvelous help in the pharmacy! We had great translators and excellent cooks. In four days of clinic, the entire team was able to treat about 370 patients.

Team photo


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