New Beginnings

1/26/10 UPDATE: New word from the ground in Haiti: Our team has arrived in Port au Prince. They have been using the past few hours to care for some of the worst injured in a small neighborhood in Port. Guyteau has found those previously untreated and been able to bring them to receive care. Tomorrow the team will be returning to Carrefour, one of the hardest hit areas by this earthquake. Carrefour is a suburb of Port au Prince that is home to almost 500,000 people. We expect that there will be massive need there as it has received little aid thus far. We will use this area to treat patients in a field hospital setting for the rest of the week in conjunction with the Haitian church there. Sunday the team will be moving on to Ti Guave, another devastated city. Ti Guave lies along the northern coast of the south part of the country. There we will be working with Pastor Bruce out of Fon Doux. The plan is to take over from the previous large aid organization in the city as the main source of medical aid for the entire city when they plan to leave this weekend. Please pray for as we expect to be one of the only givers of medical aid in a large city full of devastation. There remains a critical need for further funding for supplies and medical equipment on this trip and the next two. We will be updating all week, please forward this onto other friends and family that would be interested.

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