“They returned to Lystra, to Iconium, and to Antioch, strengthening the hearts of the disciples by encouraging them to continue in the faith and by teaching “it is necessary to pass through many troubles on our way into the kingdom of God”

-Acts 14:21-22

The ministry of AFH in the remote areas of Haiti has opened the door for the training of Pastors and Christian leaders. Many of those who have the responsibility of preaching and teaching in the Christian community have very little opportunity for discipleship and training themselves. The pastors, translators, and teachers who assist our ministry desire to know Christ more fully and to understand the Word more clearly. But, they lack even the most basic tools and training. Study aids and Bible schools don’t exist in Haitian Creole even if the men could afford them. As a result, they are ill equipped to disciple believers, and their people try to survive on a diet lacking the essentials for maturity and soundness of doctrine. Each trip to Haiti underlines this need. Several mature Haitian Pastors who have worked closely with AFH have urged a response.

“Can you provide short, practical training seminars for our leaders?” So with the medical ministry comes Bible seminars. This combination sounds like the text at the bottom of this page; Jesus went teaching, proclaiming, and healing.

This training is often the first they have ever received. One pastor stated, “I am like a baker with no flour. I have church with people that look to me for instruction, but I have little myself.” The training sessions focus on the basics of Bible study, effective teaching, and fundamental Christian doctrine. The goal in all of this is that the riches of Christ would be known and enjoyed more fully. That leaders would be equipped, thrilled, and motivated in all their labors for Him.

Would you and your church like to join us in education of pastors and elders of Haiti? Please pray about how God could use you to help effect these believers throughout Haiti. There are opportunities to sponsor a pastor training seminar. Here, hundreds of pastors receive the first biblical teaching they have ever known. In addition, there are opportunities to help directly teach the pastors of Haiti. Please contact us at: contact@aidforhaiti.org to find out more.



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