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Every person should have hope.

Aid for Haiti is built on a foundation of prayer and is committed to changing lives in Haiti through Christ-centered spiritual ministry, medical care, and training to equip Haitians to serve their own communitiesAid for Haiti was birthed out of an invitation to treat a rare condition affecting a village in a remote region of Haiti, when a group of like minded doctors were stirred to pioneer an organization that would, through prayer, combine the gospel of Christ, medical care and training for service to see lives changed and individuals released from physical suffering and spiritual bondage. Through all we do, we seek to glorify Jesus Christ and express his love to the Haitian people. Please consider joining us in this mission.

Our Story:

DNJHaitiWe began with a invitation.. one that opened our eyes. In 2006 a group of like minded doctors were invited by a local Haitian pastor, and set out on a quest to discover what was causing a reported massive neck tumors afflicting an entire village in a remote region of Haiti. Discovering that the area suffered from a severe deficiency of the element iodine was only the beginning. “It opened our eyes to the life of suffering cause by health and spiritual needs of the people in the rural mountains of Haiti” one doctor said. Hours travel by foot from the nearest road, thousands of people lived in extreme poverty with no access to other aid organizations or government help concentrated in the capital and few other cities. We responded and began Aid for Haiti with the goal of ministering to these communities medically, which morphed into spiritual training for the local pastors when the need arose. This training is often the first they have ever received. One pastor stated “I am like a baker with no flour” “I have church with people that look to me for instruction but I have little myself”.

January 12, 2010, a 7.0 earthquake hits Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It’s late afternoon. Schools are finishing up, and people are getting off work. When suddenly, the earth begins to rumble. Buildings collapse. Power goes out. Thousands are dead. Others are screaming. And then, the sun goes down. In a single moment, their whole world was changed by a rare and unrecognizable event. chestUsing a converted mission compound as a field hospital, for a number of weeks after the earthquake we distributed water, food and assumed the role as the only medical care for a city of 12,000 people. “We are on our 5th delivery of the night; one person showed up dying of a simple asthma attack; and there seems to be a never ending line of new trauma sustained during the earthquake.” After only two hours of sleep, Dr. Caleb states, “God has blessed us though. It seems that every time we turn around, there is a new critical patient with a problem out of our scope, but we seem to have just the right medicine at just the right time. You can tell God is doing a wonderful thing here.” Even when overwhelmed, God has provided a way.

The work has continued to expand from a meager beginning into a ministry that now serves through medical clinics, surgical ministry, community health, pastor training and medical education. Following the model of Mathew 9:35, we have slept in their houses, eaten at their tables, shared our hearts and love for Christ, and developed lasting relationships. And thus, we find our lives intertwined with the people of Haiti.

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